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Goblins are new in this day in age, where the last known goblin was thought to have been killed more than a century ago. They are starting to reappear, mainly deeps within the forests that only a few brave hunters dare travel. Following is the knowledge of what was found in the library’s and what people have seen in the wild. The accuracy must be taken lightly however, as many interactions lead to conflict with casualties on both sides.

Goblins are grotesque creatures that can range from dwarf height to human height. Various (sometimes conflicting) abilities and attributes have been given to them. They are usually believed to be shorter than human beings; depending upon the source, they can either be stout or thin; their brow is fully covered with thick hair and their mouth is filled with yellowed, crooked teeth. Goblins are often depicted as possessing a coarse, raspy sounding, and slightly high-pitched voice, speaking human languages along with their own, and possessing a cunning intellect. .

Many characteristics have been attributed to the generic goblin. They are known to be marauders, who steal farm animals at night, steal possessions, and raid small dwellings. Some believe that goblins are more malevolent, weaving nightmares out of gossamer and inserting them into the ear of a sleeping human, stealing human women and children and hiding them away underground.

Recently, the most disturbing report that has been made was by a man named William. Will was out hunting with a friend out in the deep forest to the east of Kirkwall. About 2-3 days in their trek, they spotted what appeared to be goblin tracks. Seeing how close these were to Kirkwall, they decided to follow them to see where they were to let the town guard know. After about a day of travel, they happened upon a small cave. What they saw next terrified them. Standing at the mouth of the cave, was a creature that stood nearly 2 meters high, was as black as obsidian, and seemed to be commanding the goblins are him. The hunters retreated at that moment and rushed back to town.

With the threat of goblins so close to the town, the guard sent word to Oxley, who then sent a small contingent of soldiers to keep watch until preparations can be made for an attack. Good and bad news, we know that the creature that was seen is called an Orc. Unfortunately, all we know is that Orcs act as the elite fighters for goblins. We do not know were they come from, why they seem to serve the goblins, or anything outside of those things. It is recommended that when encountered, one should run away and pray to the gods that the Orc loses interest in you.

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