Theomund - John

Retired Vet


“Since this fight started you have made Two Mistakes: the first was engaging me in Melee combat and as for your second…well your second mistake was that believed you that you could win.”

-a tough and experienced warrior who has fought many battles and plans on many more to come.


My father was a peddler and member of the merchant’s guild. My mother died when I was born so I never knew her. life was hard for most of my friends but my father and I were well off and were more than generous enough to lend a hand when they needed it. For the first 17 years life couldn’t have been better as I was aspiring to be like my father and learned skills that helped me get the best and most profitable deals with the travelers passing through the City of Oxley.these kids remind me of my friends and I. It was back then when our parents seemed tired irritable and often stressed. All I knew was that some thing was causing problems with trade. When I had time to spare Garsa, Baerd,Grim,Linje and I would find something to keep our minds at ease. We were thick as thieves,nobody could break us apart. Most boys felt Garsa couldn’t play with them but she would always teach them a lesson in manners usually with a broken nose and shattered pride. Grim, Linje, and her were always rivals, competing in everything.If one of them does some the other two have to jump in to prove themselves better.This often times lead them to rolling around in the dirt beating up one another causing Baerd and I to intervene though sometimes was instigating the conflict further as I would lose patience and jump right in to force them apart only to end up fighting as well. Baerd was always better at preventing conflict then stopping it from continuing, more passive than aggressive. He wanted to be a Sage, wise and powerful, and we could see he had the skill to pull it off when we were four he could barely lift a pebble without a nose bleed and by seventeen he was a great asset to the peddler whose wares were both plentiful and heavy, the traditional movers could lift only what their arms could hold but he could lift the entire cart, merchandise and all, right up and still carry four small crates.This sort of made him unpopular and often hated by the other workers,some even tried to attack him only to return home bloody faced and limping. When we turned Eighteen the fears we suppressed as children returned. The call of war sound through the streets of oxley and my friends and I answered it without a doubt in our minds. That thought soon changed over the course of the next two decades. My first battle I was seen by my betters as a coward in denial, but I proved them to be the cowards. The legions of Tyras charged our platoon with great haste and determination, blades clashed, spells were flung and all chaos was let loose. after the sounds of battled faded away I stood bloody,shield battered and swords soaked According to Garsa, the happy man content with a life of peddling had died on that battlefield, something cold had taken up residence in the now empty husk. The men deem me the Blood Diamond Sentinel of Oxley. I spent my spare time training. I watched my friends fall one by one comforting those who remained until Baerd and I were left. During our last battle we finally had enough of the political bull but this decision came too late and at a horrible cost. It was a massacre, I barely survived myself. I awoke in a shrine being treated by a battle cleric. She urged me to remain still but I cared little for my body;I had to find Baerd, I promised him I would ensure he would live. I found him but He was dying, the clerics were performing his last rights even as I approached his ragged Body. With his last breath he gave me a fragment of jade carved into a serpent wrapped around a sword. I confronted my Officer, who was readying himself to receive a commendation of Heroism, He informed me I should praise him not ridicule him for he helped capture Tyras’ capital and ended the war. I reminded him of the cost of that victory only to hear him say the words I didn’t think anyone could say. " Their loss was acceptable." His words still echo to me even today. I left the military, deserted. I retired in a small town called Wyrdford. These Kids were like my friends and I feel I should watch over them to ensure they don’t experience the same fate as Baerd, Linje, Grim and Garsa.

Theomund - John

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