Village of Wyrdford

A simple fishing village, where it has become a rest stop for travelers by land and sea. This is the home to our heroes, where their adventure is about to begin…

Lake of the Water Nymph

Coming back from a fair, Torr heard a strange sound coming from off the road. He followed it threw mash and saw blue skinned women. She was covered in moss like robes and had a faint glowing aura around her. He followed, then he saw her run out of the treeline sprinting across the ground, but when he came out he fell right into a lake. When he got up he saw that the women was running on the surface of the lake.

Ruins of Tywyn Tower

After the dust settled in his last battle in the war, the last thing Theomund saw before passing out of exhaustion was a lone watchtower in the distance…

Great City of Oxley

When some traveling merchants came through one day, Juliana heard them spin great stories about a great city that had markets of exotic treasures, a vast library that could only be seen by those deemed fit, and tall walls of iron.

Alter to Afonwen

During Oliver’s studies, Megan told tales of an ancient alter that crossed the Leylines. She said this alter could help in times of need if she were to one day pass…

Ruined Isles of Maliki

A city built on a set of small islands, many were very wealthy and commanded many of the water trade routes. This city, while well off, did not have the means to be self sufficient, so relied on their wealth and trade knowledge to gain resources. Then one day, sick of merchants trying to get a deal, the ruler Killian tried to gain power though pact with a god. This pact would allow Maliki to produce resources and become self sufficient, but required Killian to perform a ritual once a year on the first full moon. After becoming self sufficient, Killian lost memory of the merchant trade, became lazy, and forgot about his pact. Because of this, the god of the deep sea took it as a sign of disrespect. The pact was broken, and the god of the deep wiped out 90% of population in a single night, leaving Maliki as a flooded ruin with few survivors.

Valhalla’s Passage

One can listen to a drunkards tale with half an ear most times, but one day one tale peaked Theomund’s interest. This one drunk was sinning a tale about how one day he was walking along when all of a sudden a pair of oak doors as tall as the trees appeared with the crack of a thunder cloud. The site knocked on his arse, and when he looked up the doors were opened and a woman on a white steed flew out with such speed that it was a blur. The doors slammed shut with another crack of thunder and disappeared without a trace. Asking the other patreons, they tell him that the man has been rambling about it for many a day, same story, same details, no matter how drunk he got.

Dwarven Hold

While at the lakeside talking to the fisherman, a traveling merchant came through on a boat and made a stop to resupply. While there, Torr noticed another passenger that seemed to look like a normal person but something was off. it was then that the man stood up, and Torr realized that this man was actually a dwarf! A rare sight that comes once in a lifetime, and knowing of the legends of dwarven smithing, Torr tried to talk to him. However, the dwarf seemed very tired, like he has traveled a long ways, and stated that he must return home to the west with great haste. He yelled at the merchant to stop chatting up the women, get supplies, and cast off. After they left, Torr wondered if he should travel west someday and look for this dwarven land…

Kirkwall Farmstead

A simple Village Oliver heard about from traveling merchants. Kirkwall, from what the travelers say, may possibly be the biggest farmstead in the land, being the main provider to Oxley and to many small settlements around.

Ancient city of the Fae

While waking through the woods, Juiana’s eyes began to hurt, as though if she looked had looked up to the sun. The pain escalated to the point of bringing tears to her eyes, but then stopped. When she opened her eyes, the world around her was covered in a foggy haze, with a shimmering mirror a few yards in front of her. She cautiously stepped forward, and as she got closer to the mirror, an image slowly began to waver within it, as though it were a window. She reached out to the mirror, and jolted when her hand went right through it. taking a breath she stepped through. On the other side was a vast city with towering spires, grand walkways, and buildings that seemed to have been crafted by those of legend. She looked behind her, the mirror began to waver, signaling that it was about to close. Thinking that there would be no way back home, she went back through the mirror, to find herself asleep upon the ground. Looking around, the world appeared fine. Walking back home, she wondered if it was a dream, or a vision…

Lair of the Glenoweck Lake creature

When town of Wyrmford was founded, one of the founding fathers was a great heroine by the name of Glendon. After settling down, people began to disappear during the nights of complete darkness. One night a scream was heard, and Glendon sprinted to the source, only to find that a lake creature has captured the old fisherman and was dragging him into the lake. Knowing the source of the disappearances, Glendon decided to challenge the great beast. On the night winter solstice, she charged out to a lone boulder in the lake, where she issued a challenge to the beast. They fought through the night, in flashes of magic energy and monstrous roars. Then, the creature lept out of the lake, swallowing Glendon in one swift move, and dove back into the lake, never to be seen again. The next day the lake was stained with bright red with blood. Since then the boulder was proclaimed Glendoms leap and on the winters solstice an offering is placed on the boulder.

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Cult of the Sunless Prison

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