Cult of the Sunless Prison

Session 1 - 6/5

The Contract

Our story begins at the local inn in Wyrdford, with the courier posting news on the tavern wall. Among the local pages, includes a new bounty on a griffon that has been spotted to the South West of town, harassing those traveling in the area. A small group consisting of the towns fighters, rouges, and wizards got together to take on the threat, for the reward of 200 silver (2 gold).

Heading out

The party heads out on their journey, with extra provisions provided by the town mayor. During their trek, they were attacked by a large bear. Swatting Torr aside with a mighty swing, then Theomund came into the fray with a mighty swing of his own. The bear was brought down by the party, and provided many a delicious steaks.


The next day, the party followed the path into a dead end. Borok had a sneaking suspicion that there was something else to this conundrum. When the party began to back track, they were ambushed by a Goblin hunting party lead by an orc. With great effort the party managed to slay the creatures. Oliver, checking the area around him, noticed that this spot has been used many times for ambushes, and shared this knowledge with the party. The party decided to follow the trail to see where it leads to. They eventually came upon a small crevice and a cave on the other side, gaurded by more goblins and orcs. Taking note of the location, they left to return on a later date.

The Bounty

Another day has passed, and the party is nearing its quarry. They have come to a clearing, with small hills, a heard of deer in the distance, and a griffin soaring high in the sky. after a tremundous battle, with a clash of swords and talons, the party slayed the great beast. after cutting a trophy off of the corpse, the party heads back, and to possibly pay the goblins a visit…



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